Making an all instrumental album has been on my mind for years now. Being apart of Wentos Blues Band, I didn't want to make a "typical" blues instrumental.

Instead I wanted to get a different more true to me feeling, an European vibe,a hint of Nordic Folklore. Another thought was that alot of music today is (are) very up tempo and in a world that measures everything by the clock, pulling down the tempos, giving listeners time to breathe and inhale would be an idea.

Everything took longer than what I had planned, had to give the compositions time to evolve, not forcing anything. I had to get the budget together so and so. So finally after 3 years I got my friends Robban & Robban together and we went to Stockholm to record everything live in 3 days.

Now finally it's ready, Yeah what a great feeling! First of all I would like to thank all of you beautiful people that helped me making this come true. Even though it's all under my name, no man is an island. Last but not least, all you music loving people and fans, buying cd's and going to shows. It's you who keeps the music alive.

Niko Riippa

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