Niko Riippa (born June 2, 1972 in Nedervetil Finland) guitarplayer and composer.

As a founding member of Europes's leading blues band, The Wentus Blues Band, Niko Riippa has done more than 3000 gigs in 15 countries and 7 albums and 2 solo albums on his own, first one being Bohemian Breakfast Bar (2003).

He has toured with Eddie Kirkland, Louisiana Red, Dick Heckstall-Smith and Mick Taylor, among others, and he has recorded with the likes of Kim Wilson, Carey Bell, Louisiana Red, Eddie Kirkland, Omar Dykes (on Wentus Blues Band: Family Album, Bluelight Records) and Dick Heckstall-Smith (Blowing the Blues).

Been in two documentary films Family Meeting (2007) and Mississippi-Nedervetil (2001).

The documentary film “Family Meeting”, which describes their collaboration (Wentus Blues Band) with older artists like Louisiana Red, Eddie Kirkland, Mick Taylor, Kim Wilson, Omar Dykes and Clas Yngström. The film was produced by Heikki Kossi and was shown at cinemas around Finland and broadcasted on both Swedish and Norwegian television.

The documentary movie Mississippi-Nedervetil also produced by Heikki Kossi tells the story about how Louisiana Red, once an apprentice of Muddy Waters, has found his own ideal apprentice in Niko Riippa.

And the story goes on.......

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